Nut-allergy Dream come true… SAFE CANDY #nutfree #nutallergy #nötallergi #godisbolaget


Tremendous kudos going out to Godisbolaget in Bromma.

We happen to have nut allergies in our family, so we don’t get to do what all the other kids do on Saturdays at the local grocery store-  Ica or Coop.  Candy scoopers in hand, we’ve watched by the sidelines as my daughters friends dive into the candy bins on the Saturday shopping round… what color, what flavour – chocolate or fruity flavour(?)- many even sneak a taste before choosing.  Due to the high risk of cross-contamination this is an experience my daughter(severe tree nut and peanut allergy)has never been able to have.  I remember this from childhood as being one of the highlights of the grocery store trip on saturdays!  I have once  been able to find the candy supplier early in the morning when they stock the open bin candy containers and begged to come with my daughter one morning when they stock.  Which we did do before school on a Thursday morning at 7am… get to pick candy out of NEW containers not contaminated with cross contamination of nuts from surrounding bins.  And although this experience was very satisfiying even at 7am before school its still not like what the other kids experience, and the candy stockist looked quite stressed to be on her way, and it took quite a bit of planning to be there at an exact time during the school week.

About a month ago, driving home from figure skating practice, I see a sign for “Godisbolaget“, open 10-20 every day.  I think, we ought to give that place a shot, see what they have to offer, if we can read labels etc, and if they can assist in our allergy special needs.  See the thing is with candy bins, my daughter tolerates most of the candy with the ingredients,  we just can’t take the risk of the nut contamination when customers pick candy from ALL containers with the same candy scoop – this can end up in anaphylactic shock and ER trip – totally not worth the risk.

Its a Sunday morning, slow… for a candy store. These young gentlemen in the store could not be more willing to understand and complying of our needs when I explain our allergy situation.  I explain our dilemma and immediately they say no problem. Take a look around what you want, we will grab a clean candy scoop and open new candy containers for you, no problem. My daughter, with a severe nut and peanut allergy was completely beside herself.  We browsed for about 20 minutes deciding what she would try… then one employee followed us and opened new containers for everything she wanted – she even got to taste most of it before she filled her tub with endless sorts of different candies.  My daughter talks about this place now like its Disney World!

This entire experience sounds silly to those who take it for granted, but for a child that has been standing by on the sidelines for so many years…  it was a dream come true. We even went back two weeks later and bought enough candy so she could have her own “candy shop” theme at her birthday party.

Thank you again, to companies that care and understand with empathy what it is to have life threatening allergies.



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