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“pure fruit rolls with no added nonsense. Grrrr! ” 

What started out as disappointment quickly turned outrage, and then compassion rules the day!

Let me tell you what happened a few weeks ago, when I see this fun new snack while placing my online grocery order.  No added sugar, no preservatives, and never from concentrate! Its ecological too!  Sometimes the store doesn’t always list the ingredients in the product description online, which is frustrating but I take a chance and order one anyway, in the meantime I send a quick email to the producer, BearNibbles UK asking about the ingredients since they are not listed on the website – or rather, allergens were not listed. Fingers crossed and hoping its something my TN and PN allergic daughter tolerates,  but I am saddened when I read the translated label (that is a sticker stuck over the original UK ingredient label) and on the translation it reads “kan innehålla spår av nötter” – can contain traces of nuts.  Since I have had an issue in the past with a certain Grays Food Stores(import company of American goodies), although that time it was the other way around – and far too long of an aggravating story to include in this post, but I DO BOYCOTT anything imported by Grays, just to make a point, BUT what I was getting at, from EXPERIENCE I know to peel back the label of the translation to safeguard.  And wouldn’t ya know it, there is nothing in the the UK original ingredient list that in any way specifies that there are traces of nuts in this product.  A little angry and confused, I call the distributor for Sweden for the Bear Yo-Yos, BIOFOOD-BIOLIVS AB.  I explain the situation to the first person who answers the phone, who I feel completely did herself a disconcern by saying “oh we put that on everything (may contain traces of nuts) to safeguard ourselves”…  I cannot explain to you the anger building up inside as I think of the constant disregard for the allergy community. Instead of HELPING us find more things we tolerate, companies decide its easier just to write “may contain” on everything.  As if it isn’t hard enough already living with life threatening allergies, this company(BIOFOOD) obvisouly didn’t want to be bothered with helping those living with severe allergies expand their product range of foods they tolerate.

Determined to get to the bottom of this, I call the company itself – Bear Nibbles UK.  And low and behold I am met with an extreme genuine compassion from the “bear helpdesk“.   And after an email, she once again called me to ensure me to 100% that the products are completely safe for my daughter to eat and went on to promise that they would contact their distributor in Sweden and clear up the mistakes, which they have – the label in Sweden is now changed. Here is part of her email,

“Janny, our Head of Quality Control, has a son with a severe nut allergy and has therefore made it her mission over the last couple of years to make sure our products are completely nut free. She says that she thinks it is a wise step that sensible people like yourself get in touch with the people who actually make the products for reassurance and then make their own decision based on the advice given. Different brands can interpret the nut warning differently and therefore it is always good to check with each one.

BEAR hugs,
I am frustrated that we as allergy parents must continue to be one step ahead of companies that others wouldn’t think twice about, and that we are forced to second guess often due to prior bad experiences. I can easily state that the research and preparation involved in providing safe food for my daughter is quite comparable to at least a part-time job!  But then when I get met with such compassion, understanding and gratefulness from companies like BearNibbles UK, I in no sense feel at all sorry for myself for being so thorough. Not only can my daughter enjoy these great snacks – but now other TN and PN allergy sufferers can as well!
You can find Bear Nibbles products at many local eco-friendly stores as well as Coop and
We gladly support and promote companies filled with love and compassion. And once again, much love and shout out to Bear Nibbles UK!!

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