Smart products that make our allergy kids a little safer #nutallergy #nötallergi #anafylaxi #anaphylaxis

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We are happy to be able to offer products that make it a little bit easier to let go of our kiddos when they go to school, camp, friends house or daycare.  Allergy alert bracelets raise awareness, educate and are great conversation starters for older kids, and perfect for the toddler that can’t relay his allergy properly to the vikare(substitute teacher) or the friends parent that are introduced to your kids when not in your care.

The medical bag, the SPIbelt is the most comfortable we have found yet for my daughter.  Its so stretchy that it can easily hold astma spray, two epipens, and other meds.  And my daughter has not complained once while wearing this bag.  I now have a sense of ease when she is running around on the HUGE school ground, in the horrible event that something were to happen.  Her epipen and astma spray are with her at ALL times, with ease.




The bag is available for 239 kr in our tictail shop, and the bracelets are 49 kr

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