Welcome to Allergy Friends!

In  the fall of 2009, we had the biggest scare of our lives as a parent. Our oldest daughter decided she wanted to taste my snacks, pistachio nuts(that I overindulged in while I was pregnant also), and simply placed a discarded shell of a pistachio she found on the table on her tongue. She was 2 at the time.  Within seconds, she began wiping her tongue with a towel she found… and said she was tired.  This immediately signaled to my husband, who suffers from other allergies, that this was not normal behaviour.  We called 112(911) and had our worries confirmed in regards to a possible anaphylactic shock to nuts.  Scared, my husband rushed her to the ER which thankfully was close by, instead of waiting for the ambulance.  As soon as she got there, she went into anaphylactic shock.  The events that followed later in the hospital over the next 24 hours helped diagnose her with her severe tree nut allergy. Her stats on cashew and pistachios are higher than can be measured and she carries an adrenalin dose for adults with her at all times.

That is a little background to OUR story. And as a parent of a child with a life threatening allergy, we face daily struggles in regards to being understood, taken seriously, and accommodated for. It is a disability, even though rarely recognized as such.  My goal each and every day is to ensure her safety, and to give her as normal of a life as possible – as well as helping her accept and understand her disability.

The goal of this community will be to enlighten everyone that shares our story, knows someone with our story or someone who is simply curious to educate themselves and to help others understand. We will post products, tools, articles, blogs, recipes… you name it, anything that can help bridge the gap to a normal SAFE life for those living with food allergies.







Contact:  allergy.friends@outlook.com

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